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Leaders in solar thermal & renewable energy

Radiance Heating and Plumbing, Inc. is achieving solar fractions (the amount of energy the sun provides of the total annual load) significantly higher than the industry standard. The usual advice is "aim for 40%." We aim for - and achieve - solar fractions near 75%. As fuel prices climb ever higher, it just makes sense to leverage the same controller, pump, piping and storage tanks to gather and use more free energy. We have the expertise to create "net zero" buildings, including the heating system (buildings that use no fossil energy use on an annual basis).

Thanks to our innovative designs and fanatical attention to details and service, our customers are saving thousands of dollars each and every year.

We are published in Contractor magazine and consult on projects in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

In Northern Arizona we design and install energy saving heating systems using the sun as the ultimate heat source. This includes solar water heaters, boilers, combined space and water heating and ground source heat pumps

We have developed integration techniques for radiant floors, baseboards, radiators and forced air heating systems. We serve our fellow contractors and the do-it-yourself market by designing effective solar thermal systems. and selling the hard-to-find parts to correctly install these systems

We take particular joy in knowing that every solar thermal installation is actually a money saving system that makes life more affordable.

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